Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day, Yeah that Happened!

Since there was like dozens of Mother's Day posts by other bloggers out there, I thought I'd share my little story.

Once Upon a Time there was this boy and girl.  They liked each other and dated.  And dated, and dated, and dated, then moved in together for another 5 years...then after 11 years together they got married.  There was a lot of love, much understanding, and an agreement that gifts were usually full of disappointment, so rarely gifts to each other for birthdays or Christmases were given.  After all that time together and 7 years of marriage, you would think that they would understand each other.  You would think that this girl would realize that even though boy does not always buy gifts or flowers for the girl, he loves her, yet, he also has trouble planning anything romantic or celebratory.  After 18 years with the boy, now Man, this girl, now Woman, should have not expected anything.  She should not be sorely disappointed, but she was.  After two children and ups and downs, this women should not have wished for anything.  This woman should not have hoped for breakfast in bed, or even breakfast made.  This women should not have expected the man to prepare or offer to make dinner.  Yes, the man tried to help give youngest a bath that resulted in a tantrum and calling for Mommy.  But when the man turned to the woman on Mother's Day and asked "Did you plan something for dinner?"  The Woman is allowed to loose her marbles.  The woman is allowed to be angry.  Not because she did not receive gifts or cards or flowers from the Man, those are ridiculous and meaningless, but because, the Man did not consider her for one moment.  He did not think beyond himself as to how he could do ONE thing for the women.  He did not think to maybe rephrase said question into, "Is there something in the freezer I can make for dinner?"  "What would you like me to make for dinner?"  "Can I pick/order something up for dinner?" And yes, after 18 years the woman will let the man know he FUCKED UP.  And the man will know he fucked up.  But the man, should not be allowed to wallow in his own self loathing and self pity making the woman feel she needs to validate his feelings instead of her own.  The man will remember, and he will learn NOT to fuck it up again.  Because like the time he forgot the woman's birthday, like literally forgot even though it happens only 9 days after his own, the woman will never let him forget he forgot and FUCKED it up. 


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