Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've learned that two things are guaranteed with kids: eight hours straight sleep is never to be known again and that they choose the most inopportune time to go to the restroom.

Cookie loves to choose moments to have her "moment" either right when we are eating dinner or when I am in the middle of frying something, in oil on the stove, that can not be left alone, or it will burn. Nothing curbs one's appetite faster than a BM from one's child. I really have gotten quite used to this phenomenon. Hubby on the other hand has a hard time dealing with it. Cookie's announcement, "I'm pooping" during dinner illicits all kinds of groans and comments from him. "Disgusting" or "I think I'm done now." followed by the throwing down of the fork and his getting up from the table drives me mad. I don't want her to develop any negative feelings regarding potty use. But Hubby turns into the boy that makes all kinds of bathroom humor or comments. Thinks like "Pee Yew, that's smelly." "What died in there" etc. will be offered.

As to sleep, well, it does seem as if the kids have a super secret pact to keep me from enjoying eight hours straight. I say me, since Hubby seems to have acquired a deaf ear to the night time crying. If Jelly Bean sleeps well, Cookie is up three times. And I know that as they get older, I will have sleepless nights waiting and worrying when they are out.

I know that in the scheme of things these problems go away too fast. But, one day I will get my revenge. I will vacuum in front of their teenage rooms at seven A.M. "accidentally" hitting their doors. I will mow the lawn at eight. And I will embarrass them in front of boys. As for wiping poopy butts....well, hopefully they will make me a grandmother and they will have their own kids behinds to clean.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


40 years is a long time. Think about it. Four decades with the same person. My parents have done it. Two people who walked down the isle after only knowing each other 9 months, have managed to defy the odds and stay together....and still like each other. You did it! Congrats to you Mom and Dad.

You sacrificed for us kids, borrowed on the house, refinanced, went into credit card debt just for us. Whether it was to pay for a wedding or hospital bill, you did it! You have successfully raised three children, whom I might add, have all earned college degrees. You did it, and you did it together. There were times while growing up that I thought for sure divorce would be eminent, but you did it! Sure you drive each other crazy, you each have those little quirks that have become increasingly annoying to the point of intolerance, but you did it!

I wish we could afford to send you to some far off wonderful exotic place to celebrate and thank you for your love, understanding, and tolerance. Becoming a parent myself has helped me understand the sacrifices you have made. It has also made me wish I could go back and pay more attention. More attention to how you did it. How you Mom, managed to make it look easy. Make us feel loved and appreciated and special. Or to go back and have more patience with Dad's silly comments at the wrong time. Or understand his ability to get up and go to a job he hated day in and day out in order to put food on the table. But the two of you did it! You became my Brownie leader, coached soccer, worked snack bars, umpired and referred games, went to open houses and back to school nights (even to the point of calling out our teachers and their policies much to our embarrassment). You did it all.

Thank you for being great parents and human beings. You have exemplified high morals and right actions. You taught us how to work hard and aim high. But most of all you have loved us and taught us how to love. You did it!

Congrats, this Sunday you will have made it 40 years. Go ahead and give each other a high five. You did it!

Friday, September 11, 2009


So here are some updates just in case you were wondering.

1. I did get that $35 check from the swing people, and it was good. I sent them a thank you card and the Goodwill receipt.

2. I was wrong, our phone service at AT&T ends this month, not August

3. I tried the park again, but this time Jelly Bean slept, so it was easier. I also went another time and had to nurse, found that taking Cookie to the right park is key. One where I don't have to be there to help her, and one not too big.

4. Not getting a lot of sleep lately and found my patience for Cookie at an all time low. Good thing Hubby's post pardom is over, nothing worse than not being able to have your own post baby blues because your partner is having the break down. It still angers me that he gets naps when I don't. Kids' naps are just not lining up....he could at least take Cookie when Jelly Bean is napping.

5. I have packed more errands into a day w/ two than I did w/ just one. And I hate going grocery shopping w/ two.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


When we went looking for a house and a neighborhood, I had hoped that we might find something as wonderful as the neighborhood I grew up in. Where the kids played in the street and the adults had cook outs and conversations in their front yards. It did have the requisite freaks, the child molester next door (he liked high school boys and went to jail) and the druggie and thief across the street. But they all moved away. I had hopes for neighbors that I could ask for a up of sugar, or someone to feed the dog when we went away.

Lucky for us we have really really good neighbors. Good, trustworthy people. People who not only have taken care of Pongy, but Cookie as well. I have a group of ladies who dote on my kids. Not only do they give me a break and watch Cookie, they do it for free! While I would never let the kids play in the very busy street here, the neighborhood is all I could have hoped for.

But, (there is always a but) sometimes neighborliness comes with some drawbacks. For instance, the substitute "grandparents" need just as much help with electronics as the real ones do. Whether t.v., cable, computer, or internet, they have no qualms about asking Hubby for help. Which is about once a week. Then there is the Widow, whose dying husband asked Hubby to help his wife when he was gone. So, hubby helps her out with little home repair and the like. Not to mention the sidewalks for both that he helps shovel during winter. But they do babysit for free, so really a fair exchange of services for the most part.

Last week the Widow kinda crossed the helping neighbor out line and asked if she could use our wireless network. And not just a one time thing, but an all the time thing. She said she was cancelling her Internet, and since Hubby's work paid for ours, what was the big deal? Firstly, Hubby's work pays for ours not the whole neighborhoods'. And Secondly, really? I see her come home for lunch in the city's truck. Can I borrow it? I mean they pay for it and everything, what's the big deal? The sad thing is, she seemed really annoyed that Hubby said no. I hope that this does not make things too awkward between us, because Cookie loves her, her cat, and frankly, I like having her to talk to. I would miss the friendship we have.

There are good neighbors, great neighbors, and sometimes bad. I hope our great neighbor doesn't become a bad one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am sure every Mom has it. The one toy of their child's that they hate, the toy they pray will brake or get left somewhere forever. Cookie has this one toy she absolutely loves and adores. It is one of the many she sleeps with, but belongs to the select few that get brought along with her in the car. If it was a plush toy like her Curious George, I would not mind so much, but it is a plastic pull dog she named "Thomas".

Thomas was purchased at one of our Goodwill visits. I must say that we have gotten our $2.00 worth out of him. But Thomas drives me nutty. At first it was the fact that he barked, "woof woof woof, woof,...woof woof woof" the same pattern. Cookie found much glee in this new form of torment Mom and Dad. Then there is Thomas's weight. He is heavy and awkward to carry. This led to Cookie dropping him numerous times. Which did in fact cause some breakage...all fixable by super glue and Daddy. But, the loss of batteries was a nice result. He is also noisy. His movable roller feet knock around. This would not be so bothersome if she didn't sleep with Thomas, thus waking when she rolls or kicks him.

I know, I know I stupidly bought the toy for her. But I seriously thought the glamor would wear off and she'd move on to something else. The toy was bought in April and she is still dragging (literally) Thomas everywhere. I make her leave him in the car, but she likes to bring him in her baby stroller or pull him when we visit with the neighbors. I hate Thomas, but Cookie adores her little playmate. He's the closest thing she has to a real dog. In fact when people ask if we have a dog at home, Cookie says yes, "Thomas". So for now, I put up with Thomas, because frankly, he's a whole lot better than Pongy.