Sunday, April 25, 2010 I in the wrong?

You be the I in the wrong here? Situation: Hubby buys a safe. Said safe must be installed. However, the chosen place does not work. So he asks me where should we put it? I make a suggestion, he shuts me down. I continue about my business of feeding the kids and sewing. He then says something, I miss what he said. and reply, "I'm sorry what?" At the same time, my phone rings, I answer it. I had some really weird dreams last night and had a funky feeling today, so I really kinda wanted to answer it. (not that I shared this "feeling" w/ hubby. He'd just think me weird. But these feelings never have done me wrong.) I thought the call was from my Mom, so I answered w/ out looking at the display. Anyway, Hubby gets pissy because I answered the phone....says I should have ignored it because we were having a conversation. I had no idea the conversation was sooo important, so time sensitive that I was supposed to ignore the phone.

I mean, my phone rarely rings. And of course when it does, it is always at the most inconvenient times. Like when I'm going to the restroom, changing a diaper, making dinner, or upstairs and the phone is downstairs. So, the fact that I was right next to it, is a cause for a little irony, because apparently it was an inconvenient time anyway. I tried to make the call quick, it was a friend asking if I still had any formals her daughter could wear to prom. Total phone time...maybe five minutes. Of course right after I ring off, the phone rings again. This time it is my Mom. Like I said, funky feeling. My mom had told me that my parents were heading to Cambria for the weekend, so the first call I really thought it was my Mom and something had happened. second call, my funky feeling come true, they had a collision, with a deer!

Okay, so I could have ignored the phone, but really, I think hubby just got annoyed because the safe would not work where he wanted it to. Was I in the wrong? Was this worth a major fight and blow up. Was this really about the safe? About the phone call? As this suc a big deal that I should get the silent treatment all day? OY!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Food Revolution

We've been watching Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution and frankly his findings regarding school lunches does not come as a great surprise to me. Having taught in public schools, I found the stuff they fed kids to be appalling. Some teachers ate the school food for lunch every single day. I couldn't stand the stuff, preferring to "paper bag" it so to say. It is depressing to think that many parents out there rely on schools to feed their kids at least one "balanced" meal a day. It is also sad, but I believe most of these parents buy "kid" friendly meals from the freezer section or the pre-packaged section in the grocery market and think that these meals are good for their kids because it is made by reputable companies like Gerber and Oscar Meyer. Or that the packaging boasts how healthy it is for kids...packed full of nutrients. And by nutrients they mean salt and fat and crap.

The other day, one of the Mom forums I frequent happened to have one thread where a Mom was besides herself on what to feed her 14 month old. She wanted help on how to get her daughter to eat healthy, but all the little girl wanted to eat was what the mom was eating, frozen dinners! The mom claimed that frozen meals is what she is used to and that is what she eats because it is easy. I don't think this mom wanted to change her own habits, but wanted to instil good eating habits in her daughter. While this is commendable, this feat will prove futile as long as the mom does not exemplify good eating habits herself. Our children learn from us. They see, they observe, and they absorb more than we can ever know. So one mom ironically named Ginger, suggested that this mother change her own eating habits and cook her own food and choose healthy meals she can share with her daughter. Giving many useful and helpful tips of how to prepare and store kid friendly, healthy foods.

I was quite happy to come across this thread only because Jelly Bean has hit a food transition herself. I really was inspired by the other Ginger's suggestions. Not having teeth yet, Jelly can't chew anything too hard, but she is not happy with the blended baby foods I have been giving her. Crying and throwing fits every time I have gone to feed her the last couple of days made me do something I never did with Cookie, I bought a packaged snack item from Gerber for her. I will call them crack puffs...because they are so addictive,so full of sodium, and crap that my baby wants to eat them and not stop. She grabbed handfulls of the stuff and then threw a tantrum when she ran out. This of course made feel like I had failed. I failed to provide my child something healthy, and I have ruined her forever to eating right.

Being a stay at home Mom has really allowed me to monitor the food my kids get. It allows me the time to buy fresh, healthy, and local foods to prepare for them. Being educated affords me the ability to read labels, and make informed decisions regarding what to buy. Early on I decided to make my own baby food for the kids. So the decision to feed Jelly these snacks went against everything I promised myself I would not do. But, we are going to California and Disneyland, and I was trying to figure out what I could feed her on the go, since I can't make my own food at the hotel. And of course Jelly has been on a food protest.

What I did discover, after forever banning these horrible snacks after the package is gone, is that Jelly just wants what we are eating. So, last night I prepared a chicken pot pie from leftover chicken and blended it up chunky for Jelly. Not only did she eat it, Cookie enjoyed the pot pie, too. I even made the crust from scratch, therefore I know exactly how much salt and milk, and butter went into the food my kids ate. So, I think a little earlier than Cookie, I now have to prepare and make food for the family that Jelly can eat, too. This actually is a good thing, as I have to make sure to prepare healthier things like baked potatoes and couscous(Cookie's favorite). In fact tonight I made couscous and Jelly kept signing for more as Cookie asked for more and more, also. If anyone wonders, couscous may be a kid favorite, but boy is it messy. But, I will put up with the mess in order to provide my children healthy food that they like. There is a food revolution in this house, and it is no longer mushy blended fruit and vegetable puree.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When I was in the 5th grade, I was assigned an essay topic of "Hero". We were told to write about someone who inspired us, someone we looked up to. I remember that this topic stumped me for some reason. And like my Cookie, my frustration led to a major tantrum. There was crying, there was pencil throwing, and I think there was some major attitude towards my Mom who was trying to help. But eventually I sat down and began to write.

I wrote about my sister. I explained how she was the person I looked up to because she was such a great big sister. I wish I had kept that essay in order to remember exactly what I said. Today, I am reminded why I look up to my big sister. Why she is an inspiration and such a strong person. Why, as a parent, little annoying behaviors from my kids are just that...little.

Even before he was born, my nephew has faced challenges. The challenges many of us would struggle to cope with. Being born early, he spent weeks in the ICU. He had an irregular heartbeat, horrible reflux, and not to be forgotten the diaper rash so horrendous that he was placed bared assed up. Later more challenges appeared. Ear problems, resulting in tubes, thus surgery. By 2 1/2 he wasn't speaking and was diagnosed with Apraxia. Later came the diagnosis that he is slightly autistic, thus a need for a special diet. He seems to be allergic to a lot of things, like his mother. And now he is having seizures. Despite his challenges, he remains a sweet and loving boy. He brings joy to my Dad who just loves to spend time with him. He's in love with letters and was able to read and spell by age three. But some days it seems like this little boy is faced with nothing but an uphill battle. That his parents are faced with doctor visits upon doctor visits. Therapy session after therapy session. And many more challenges that parents of children with special needs face. Challenges that, those of us with seemingly "normal" kids could never understand.

Recently, my sister's daughter, my beautiful niece, was diagnosed with Apraxia, also. So today, when my sister has gotten heaped with more stress, more challenges, more to worry about, I salute her. She is truly my hero. She is someone I can proudly look up to and say, "I hope I can be as strong as her." Because today, my sister is faced with a child who on top of all those challenges may also be epileptic. Hang in there big Sis.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Out of my Cage

It's getting expensive, letting me out of the house without kids in tow. Really really expensive. About a month ago, Hubby sent me out to blow off some steam, get away from the kids, and treat myself to some new clothes.

I expected to spend about $100. While the clothes themselves cost about that, I forgot to bring my glasses case. Usually when out and about with kids, I carry a backpack, stuffed to the brim full of kid crap. And in that backpack, I keep my glasses case. So, in the store, I was trying on clothes, I removed said glasses, went out of the dressing room to get a different size, dropped them without realizing it, and then...proceeded to step on them. Crushed beyond repair, I now had to get new glasses. Thus shopping trip total bill $550.

Today, after feeling an overwhelming sense of suffocation by my adorable almost three year old, hubby suggested I go out after putting the kids down for naps to get my head cleared. I had intended to go and buy some new bras (total cost, about $60). Of course they did not have my size, so I did not buy any bras...but I did get: 1 pair of jeans, 3 tank tops, and 1 camisole. (total cost: $80). But then I made the mistake of going into Gymboree.

I did not intend to buy anything really, just wanted to see if they had any good things on clearance. Instead, their new theme is zoo animals. Giraffes, elephants, and monkeys adorned all these adorable clothes. Normally I refuse to pay full price for kids clothes, they out grow them so quickly. However, Cookie has been obsessed with elephants. I mean really obsessed. Her birthday is coming up, and of course we are spoiling her by taking her to Disneyland when we visit family in two weeks, but I could not pass up the purple (her favorite color) dress with elephants on it. But did I stop there? Oh no, I had to buy accessories. Total cost of said trip to the mall for two new bras, that I didn't even purchase: $200! For her birthday Cookie is not only getting to go to Disneyland, she gets: 1 purple dress with elephants , 1 pair of socks with elephants , 1 set of barrettes with elephants and giraffes, and of course a matching outfit for Jelly.

Letting me out of my cage is a financial disaster.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Letter C

Cookie has finally become interested in letters. I have tried to sit down and teach them to her, but she is usually too full of energy to sit still enough to learn them. Plus, the two of us tend to butt heads when she becomes frustrated. There is just too much of me in her.

Lately she has been asking about letters. Mainly the ones in her name since we bought her the
Abby Caddabby T-shirt "C is for Charlotte". So far she recognizes most of the letters of her name. She consistently tries to write the letter "C" but it tends to come out backwards. And then the frustration builds and she ends up scribbling all over the paper in a fit of anger. She then screams in frustration at her inability to make it look right. Of course I try to remain calm, show her again, and try to guide her hand into making the motion the correct way. Cookie then gets angry because she wants to do it by herself. Thus we go round and round and round.

These bouts bring back memories of myself as a little kid trying to make a gingerbread house, the walls continually fell and refused to stand. In a fit of pique about it, I tore into the thing with a knife and pieces of gingerbread went flying in every direction. Yes, Cookie is just like me. This is the reason I could never home school my child. This is the reason Cookie will be attending Pre-school in the Fall....we are too much a like.

But I know one day, the letter C will come out just right....because "C" is for my Cookie.