Sunday, September 15, 2013

The World's Best playdough Recipe...Really!

Ms. Pam's playdough recipe.

This is the playdough recipe my kids use at preschool...It is the best I have ever used....This makes A LOT!!! You can halve if you need to. Also, read this through first before beginning.

6 T. cooking oil
6 c. flour
6 c. water
3 c. salt
food coloring (or Kool-Aid for smell and color)
12 tsp. Cream of tartar (to keep it from getting moldy)

(I use an electric handheld mixer while stirring). Mix liquids (and food coloring or kool-aide) together in a large pot and slowly add (w/mixer) dry ingredients.  Cook over a high heat until heatend through, then reduce to medium heat, stirring constantly (w/mixer as long a possible) until mixture forms a "dough" consistency...( I am usually using a wooden spoon by then and folding the mixture.  You'll notice that as you 'turn-it' while stirring that the hottest bottom part will begin to look like dough.  While still a tad "sticky" (but looks like dough throughout), remove from head and knead on wax paper.  (I have granite counters, so I clean them before beginning and then turn out dough straight onto the counter top to knead).  It is HOT so be careful (I use rubber gloves for kneading).  After cooling completely on the wax paper store in Ziplock bags or start playing.  If you close the bags while it is still warm, the playdough will sweat and then get sticky...if needs be, leave the bags open for a few hours. 

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