Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Arts and Craft Bag

Here is a fun arts and crafts project Cookie and I did together. All you need is some tacky glue, red and pink construction paper, a plain gift bag (white or brown will work), a pair of googly eyes, a glue stick, and cotton balls.

First, cut out a rectangular piece of the red construction paper and glue it to the top part of the bag. Cookie was able to put the glue down and then help me put the paper down.

Then glue a cotton ball at the top right hand corner of the red. I placed a dollop of the tacky glue to the spot and had Cookie put the cotton ball on it. I then drew a circle where the Santa face should be and glued on the eyes.

Finally glue the cotton balls around the face for a beard and hair. Cut out a pink circle for a nose and glue down.

Now you have a cute Santa bag to put handmade goodies in for gifts or a nice centerpiece at your Christmas table.

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