Friday, March 26, 2010


As some of your might remember, I have blogged about the difficulty of finding friends here in Colorado when we first moved. While I consider my fellow playgroup moms my friends, I can not say they have become "bosom friends" as Anne of Green Gables would say. We all have a great connection, a great time together, and provide a certain therapy that is necessary in maintaining our sanity.

Finding that one person or couple persons to hang out with changes when one has kids. Before you were just looking for someone you individually could be friends with. With kids, you start looking for a person you like, their kids you and your kids like, and a partner, your partner likes. To find the perfect trifecta is not easy.

Last year a new mom came to playgroup with her two kiddos. Right away we seemed to connect and the kids seemed to play well together. Later, by chance our husbands met while we enjoyed a family bike ride to the park. He was there with the kids, and a connection was made. For whatever reason our families made good friends. Maybe it was that her hubby liked to ride bikes, run, exercise, and be an active outdoors guy like my hubby. Or maybe it was that our kids love each other. Kinda like cousins or brothers and sisters. At the playground the three can team up and be a force to reckon with. Or that as a couple she was more like hubby and he was more like me, so maybe we were attracted to them like we are attracted to each other.

I was optimistic that this couple was here to stay. So were they. They had been looking to buy a home for over a year.....but the economy and new loan rules made it difficult. Then two weeks ago they dropped a little bomb to stir up my world...and maybe theirs, too. They were moving back to Florida. Family issues really, but I get the vaguest feeling that they have struggled with the decision. That really they want to stay here, but family obligations have pushed them to make the move back. Of course I understand, of course I wish the best for them, but for myself, and for my Cookie, I am a little bereft. Finding them was tough. And they were good for hubby, who has a hard time making the effort to make friends. He is also very choosy as to whom he lets into his circle of friends.

I will miss my friends and I will miss the holiday dinners and the kids playing together. I wish them the best. And maybe someday, we will find another couple whom we can call friends.

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