Sunday, March 14, 2010


It is weird what some people find comfort in. For me it is food. When I am down I turn to chocolate and ice cream. When I am angry I turn to chips and dip. When I am plain worn out for some reason I want a rum and coke or a nice cheesecake. Others find comfort in books or exercise (if only).

My sweet little Cookie finds comfort in her clothes. I am not sure if this is going to be a bad or a good thing. I am comforted in the fact that she doesn't turn to food when emotionally down. Instead she wears her favorite shirt or dress. The day can be positively ruined if the shirt she wants to wear is dirty. Of course there was the infamous "Orangie" dress that was worn virtually every day for almost a year, until it started to come apart and was quite literally too small for her growing body to squeeze into. She now has four shirts in rotation that she will wear, nothing else. It makes me question why I even bothered to buy winter clothing for her, when she will only wear a shirt with a Sesame Street character on it. She won't even allow us to zip up a jacket for fear of covering her shirt.

I wish I could find solace in clothes. I wish I could experience the pure joy of finding an outfit that looked fabulous on me. I sometimes wish it could be as easy as Cookie finds it to love certain clothes. Of course, like any new parent, I had all these ideas about raising my kid. I definitely was not going to buy anything with a character on it. I caved. Only because I did not buy the first pieces. Two were hand me downs and one was a gift from her great grandma. But, slowly we caved. First it was the Big Bird shirt bought at Sea World, it was the thing she chose to get. Then it was the Cookie Monster shirt exchanged at Old Navy from a too small Christmas gift for her. And lastly it was the "C is for Charlotte" Abby Cadabby shirt I purchased so I could actually get Cookie to cooperate during pictures. Now I am trapped in merchandise hell.

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