Monday, April 9, 2012

Baskets Overflowith

I am not sure how anyone else feels, but I was raised that for Easter, you don't get a whole lot. Mom may have spent at most $10 on each of us kids. We got a toothbrush, one sees candy Bordeaux egg, a toy of some sort, and a book. Of course there was an egg hunt that was filled with candy and quarters, but really Easter wasn't about getting a lot of toys. When buying Easter baskets for my kids, I tried not to get something too big, cause if it was too big, one has to fill it right?

I am totally judging others, so WTF is with the gigantic Easter gifts? I mean, little Jimmy and sweet Tammy do not need $100 worth of gifts. Nothing you give should be too big to fit in their basket. I have seen pictures of little Jimmy in front of a bike. I've tried to stick to no more than $25 per kid. I've learned from Christmas that this year my girls needed exactly the same things. While color could be different, the items had to be the same. I have been pretty on top of gift giving for them lately, so when I saw certain things on sale, I bought them.

Each girl this year got the following: 1. favorite barbie size prince (bought on clearance at the Disney store. They were seriously only $5) 2. A my little pony ($5) 2. A book ($3) 3. Gardening gloves, a shovel, and a rake ($5) 4. Reese's chocolate bunny ($1) 4. Toothbrush ($2) 5. Skittles Egg ($1) 6.Egg Hunt filled with spare change and one bag of Hersey's Chocolate eggs ($2). Give or take a dollar and some change I did pretty good.

My kids are spoiled don't get me wrong. They have way too many toys, and my hubby will go out and buy more Christmas gifts if he things we don't have the "WOW" factor he is looking for. But in general, I try to instill a little bit of restraint. I can and do take my kids to Toys R Us and Target to "window shop" toys. We rarely buy anything, and my kids know better than to ask or beg. I made Cookie contribute the money my Brother In Law gave to her when we were in California to her upcoming birthday gift. Really, it wasn't mean of me, weeks before he had given both kids a wad of dough each! So I told her if she wanted that Disney magic princess castle, she'd have to contribute, cause it was way too expensive. And now just to be extra mean, I ordered it to make sure we could get it, in time for her birthday, plus it was on sale and I had a coupon. UPS delivered it to the door unwrapped with the picture of the castle bright as day on the box, so now she has to sit and look at it for a month before her birthday. I won't let her open it. Torture I know.

Anyway, no baskets are overflowing here.

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