Monday, August 24, 2009

buyer beware

I love Craigslist. Whenever I have needed something, I have found it...for the price I wanted to pay too. I've generally had great luck with the sellers. Honest people trying to offload their unwanted crap. So I decided to Craigslist again for a used baby swing. Why pay $100 plus for something I can get used for $40? After searching through a couple swing postings, I contacted a seller whose price and swing were agreeable. The only down side was the location. A good 45 minute drive. But the poster seemed honest, giving me her number and address.

So I drove to Greeley w/ both kids in tow. By all appearances the swing was great. Clean at least. But the batteries were dying and I wasn't quite sure if it worked. The girl assured me it did. She was young, living in a single wide trailer on the outskirts of town. I thought, well if it doesn't work w/ new batteries lesson learned. And maybe her kid gets a nice winter coat out of it.

Consider lesson learned. The swing did not swing w/ new batteries, but the music, much to the delight of Cookie, works great. I e-mailed the seller w/ a thanks but you suck message. Her husband called, and apologized and offered me a refund. He's sending a check...only time will tell if i get said check, and if it clears. But maybe there are some honest people out there.

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