Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All over the Place

My post today will be all over the place. You see, I have a couple thoughts floating around and have to share.

First, today was a momentous day at our household, well momentous for me at least. Today, I dropped Cookie off at one of her classes....and got to leave! This is fantastic, this is awesome, this is liberating. Cookie may not quite be three, but her teacher felt her vocabulary and her physical abilities warranted a move up. Cookie was too advanced compared to the rest of her classmates. I make that sound like my kid is better than the rest. She's not, but they are all at least 5 months younger than her, and her teacher has to come up with alternative activities just for her. So, she suggested that I try the 3/4 year old drop off class. I prepared Cookie for days, discussing what would happen and how she was supposed to act. Maybe I should have taken a picture, but I was just too happy. Cookie dove right in after an initial, "Mom can you stay 5 minutes until I start playing?" Then, after five minutes she came over, gave Jelly and me a kiss and said good bye.

Today, my baby proved she is now a big girl. She is potty trained, night and day, she can dress herself, including shoes and socks, and now she is ready for me to leave her at school. Those of you who take your kids to daycare must have felt some sort of twinge when you dropped them off the first time, but nothing compares to the exultation of detaching your toddler from you when you are a Stay at home Mom.

Second, I not only got to enjoy an hour at a coffee house nearby with Jelly, but three other moms from the class joined me. It was fantastic. All three ladies were nice and so different. They told me they go to the coffe shop every week, and invited me in with open arms.....I am loving this.

Third, this is where I veer off course a little, I am a little ashamed to admit that when I found out that Cookie had some issues with milk, I was saddened. She will not be able to enjoy ice cream like normal kids, and even some frosting on cakes. It is weird to have a kids with special eating needs. Now a days I know that this is normal. That there are all kinds of restrictions, like no nuts, or in the case of my nephew, gluten. So not being able to give my kid milk products has become a challenge for me.

At first, we went completely dairy free. Then I started sneaking in milk products here and there. Hoping that maybe she was just lactose sensitive not intolerant. But, we have had another two weeks of yucky tummy, and I have to now admit, that my kid can not have milk products. The good news is, she is not alone in the world in this problem, and she is lucky to have this problem today, and not ten years ago. Today there are all kinds of alternative products, fairly easy to get. There is Rice milk and soy milk. Rice and Soy ice cream (although good, no where near as yummy as the milk product). I am even buying Soy yogurt and soy pudding snacks for her. The one thing I have not been able to find is a good cheese alternative. And who doesn't love cheese?

I discovered quite by accident, Tofu cream cheese. Sounds gross, I know. But really, the product is quite good. After making those adorable little cupcakes with Cookie, and the subsequent tummy aches this week, (which may be from the large quantity of lasagna she ate also....but who knows) I made her "special" icing for some cupcakes that were not frosted with cream cheese out of the Toffuti cream cheese. Toffuti also makes some yummy frozen tofu "ice cream" sandwiches. I discovered a lot of these products while nursing Cookie, you see, even as an infant, she could not tolerate milk products. Massive spit up was the result when I had milk products. Jelly seems to be a little sensitive, too....but not as much. Sooo, no milk products for her, and a whole lot of alternative thinking for me.

Lastly, I hate cell phone companies. I hate that they charge by the minute (brilliant for them). I hate that they make you sign contracts for two years at a time, and if you want to make any changes including things that up your bill, they re sign you for two more years. While I love having the ability to make a phone call now and not loose someone on the other end every five minutes and I love that I can get a signal in my home, I miss being able to talk to my Mom whenever I want. The idea that "nights" start at 9 p.m. is ridiculous. "Nights" should start at sundown. But that is just my rant for the evening. Miss you Mom.


  1. Our family went dairy-free several years ago, when we discovered that our oldest is lactose intolerant. You might want to try Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheeses. They are very good. Instead of rice or soy, our three little ones all just love the coconut milk beverages, yogurt, and of course, ice cream made by So Delicious. I think Cookie might enjoy them very much. And for us moms, they make fabulous coconut milk coffee creamer and kefir, too.

  2. Thanks Justine.I will try that brand.