Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crack O Pebbles

I usually keep some lower sugar cereals in the house for Cookie. Cheerios of course is a favorite, but she also likes Rice Crispies. Hubby must have some sort of sugary concoction on hand, like Fruity Pebbles, Frosted Flakes, or Cocoa Puffs. Months and months ago I bought a bunch of Rice Crispies and Cheerios on sale with a coupon for something like a dollar a box. Hubby looked at me like I was crazy when I carried in ten boxes of cereal....but I haven't had to buy any in months, not to mention I saved a ton of money.

Yesterday, without realizing it, I ran out....of both. After having such a difficult time with getting Cookie to eat lately, when she asked for cereal for breakfast, I was excited. Then, I looked in the pantry. Uh Oh! All we had was Cocoa Pebbles and Frosted Flakes. So, I thought giving her the Coco Pebbles a better choice. Well, I was wrong. I think they put crack in the Coco Pebbles, because sugar does not cause this kind of reaction. Sugar does not cause my child to go bouncing literally off the walls.....for an entire day. Not just an hour or two....ALL DAY!.

Cookie was so high, that she couldn't even nap. An hour and a half in her room produced jumping on the bed, a fevered attempt to put away her books (okay that's a positive outcome), and a whole lot of talking. And by talking, I mean talking...a mile a minute. And Cookie should have been exhausted.

First thing in the morning I dropped her off at "The Farm", a local non-profit little farm that was holding a crafting class for 2 year olds. It was a drop off class (I know two in two days...awesome.) and of course she was the oldest and only girl. And she was wild. Drop into a fit of giggles for no reason wild. Run around in circles wild. I am quite positive she required some extra attention by the teachers. But, she did leave with a grin, until I told her we were not staying to feed the animals.

Following her hour of crafting and play, we went to play group. Two hours later, she was still crazy with energy. I was thinking, overtired energy...but, after eating a lunch, she did not settle down. So, I am now convinced it was the Coco Pebbles. Yes my friends, they put crack in them. That is the only thing I can conclude.

While Cookie did go to bed around 7:45, she had to cry herself to sleep she was so tired. But finally the crack had worn off. No more Crack O Pebbles for my kid.

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  1. That is probably why all those super sugary cereals are so addictive. ;)