Sunday, April 25, 2010 I in the wrong?

You be the I in the wrong here? Situation: Hubby buys a safe. Said safe must be installed. However, the chosen place does not work. So he asks me where should we put it? I make a suggestion, he shuts me down. I continue about my business of feeding the kids and sewing. He then says something, I miss what he said. and reply, "I'm sorry what?" At the same time, my phone rings, I answer it. I had some really weird dreams last night and had a funky feeling today, so I really kinda wanted to answer it. (not that I shared this "feeling" w/ hubby. He'd just think me weird. But these feelings never have done me wrong.) I thought the call was from my Mom, so I answered w/ out looking at the display. Anyway, Hubby gets pissy because I answered the phone....says I should have ignored it because we were having a conversation. I had no idea the conversation was sooo important, so time sensitive that I was supposed to ignore the phone.

I mean, my phone rarely rings. And of course when it does, it is always at the most inconvenient times. Like when I'm going to the restroom, changing a diaper, making dinner, or upstairs and the phone is downstairs. So, the fact that I was right next to it, is a cause for a little irony, because apparently it was an inconvenient time anyway. I tried to make the call quick, it was a friend asking if I still had any formals her daughter could wear to prom. Total phone time...maybe five minutes. Of course right after I ring off, the phone rings again. This time it is my Mom. Like I said, funky feeling. My mom had told me that my parents were heading to Cambria for the weekend, so the first call I really thought it was my Mom and something had happened. second call, my funky feeling come true, they had a collision, with a deer!

Okay, so I could have ignored the phone, but really, I think hubby just got annoyed because the safe would not work where he wanted it to. Was I in the wrong? Was this worth a major fight and blow up. Was this really about the safe? About the phone call? As this suc a big deal that I should get the silent treatment all day? OY!

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