Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Letter C

Cookie has finally become interested in letters. I have tried to sit down and teach them to her, but she is usually too full of energy to sit still enough to learn them. Plus, the two of us tend to butt heads when she becomes frustrated. There is just too much of me in her.

Lately she has been asking about letters. Mainly the ones in her name since we bought her the
Abby Caddabby T-shirt "C is for Charlotte". So far she recognizes most of the letters of her name. She consistently tries to write the letter "C" but it tends to come out backwards. And then the frustration builds and she ends up scribbling all over the paper in a fit of anger. She then screams in frustration at her inability to make it look right. Of course I try to remain calm, show her again, and try to guide her hand into making the motion the correct way. Cookie then gets angry because she wants to do it by herself. Thus we go round and round and round.

These bouts bring back memories of myself as a little kid trying to make a gingerbread house, the walls continually fell and refused to stand. In a fit of pique about it, I tore into the thing with a knife and pieces of gingerbread went flying in every direction. Yes, Cookie is just like me. This is the reason I could never home school my child. This is the reason Cookie will be attending Pre-school in the Fall....we are too much a like.

But I know one day, the letter C will come out just right....because "C" is for my Cookie.

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