Thursday, April 15, 2010

Out of my Cage

It's getting expensive, letting me out of the house without kids in tow. Really really expensive. About a month ago, Hubby sent me out to blow off some steam, get away from the kids, and treat myself to some new clothes.

I expected to spend about $100. While the clothes themselves cost about that, I forgot to bring my glasses case. Usually when out and about with kids, I carry a backpack, stuffed to the brim full of kid crap. And in that backpack, I keep my glasses case. So, in the store, I was trying on clothes, I removed said glasses, went out of the dressing room to get a different size, dropped them without realizing it, and then...proceeded to step on them. Crushed beyond repair, I now had to get new glasses. Thus shopping trip total bill $550.

Today, after feeling an overwhelming sense of suffocation by my adorable almost three year old, hubby suggested I go out after putting the kids down for naps to get my head cleared. I had intended to go and buy some new bras (total cost, about $60). Of course they did not have my size, so I did not buy any bras...but I did get: 1 pair of jeans, 3 tank tops, and 1 camisole. (total cost: $80). But then I made the mistake of going into Gymboree.

I did not intend to buy anything really, just wanted to see if they had any good things on clearance. Instead, their new theme is zoo animals. Giraffes, elephants, and monkeys adorned all these adorable clothes. Normally I refuse to pay full price for kids clothes, they out grow them so quickly. However, Cookie has been obsessed with elephants. I mean really obsessed. Her birthday is coming up, and of course we are spoiling her by taking her to Disneyland when we visit family in two weeks, but I could not pass up the purple (her favorite color) dress with elephants on it. But did I stop there? Oh no, I had to buy accessories. Total cost of said trip to the mall for two new bras, that I didn't even purchase: $200! For her birthday Cookie is not only getting to go to Disneyland, she gets: 1 purple dress with elephants , 1 pair of socks with elephants , 1 set of barrettes with elephants and giraffes, and of course a matching outfit for Jelly.

Letting me out of my cage is a financial disaster.

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