Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Am Being Stalked

I am being stalked. I am sure that some of you might remember the Mom who tends to shadow every place I enroll Cookie in. The mom that I love to hate. The "perfect" mom with the "perfect" kid. The Mom who smugly told me that "her daughter was just soooo excited about becoming a sister" when I voiced my problems with Cookie's sleep patterns when we first got Jelly Bean's crib and room set up.

Frankly, I am not sure why this mom rubs me the wrong way. Maybe a little jealousy at her ease of making friends in the activities I enrolled Cookie in, when I didn't. Maybe it was the condescending tone she used when I complimented her daughter's adorable hairdo. Maybe she is a little too much like me. Both of us seem to want to be in control and I might admit to maybe wanting to be a little center of attention. So maybe we just can not possibly be in the same group because both of us need to occupy the same title in a group setting and it just can not happen.

So imagine my surprise when I found out from another Mom (her very closest friend) in one of Cookie's "play" class that this Mom was considering the same preschool as we are. I mean, there are over 20 preschools in town, and she is considering the one that I love. The one that we are probably going to enroll Cookie in. While on the surface this might not seem too bad, but it might be. You see, the school is a co-op, and we are required to assist in the classroom. And it is a small school. They only enroll a total of 12 we would have to work together. I have in the past managed to befriend and work with my arch enemies because, well I had to. I was paid to. It was my career. So, for Cookie, I of course would do anything, be anything, and I will work with anyone for her. I will suck it up and learn to love this Mom. Maybe we could become friends....but I'm not holding my breath.

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  1. Every mom has a mom like this. Deep breath. It will be okay. :)