Monday, January 4, 2010

Why don't I keep Chocolate in the house?

After consuming a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips I had resolved to stop keeping chocolate in the house. It is just too tempting and too dangerous. Of course this resolution happens to coincide with return of Aunt Flo. So after desperately searching my pantry high and low for that chocolate fix....leaving me wondering "why the hell don't I keep chocolate in the house?" I remembered my little niggling resolution and the embarrassing consumption of the bag (okay two of them...not in one sitting thank you....over a period of a week).

But really I was desperate for chocolate and couldn't figure out why...when that lovely monthly visitor returned after a little over a year absence. I've been wondering when she'd return. I've been dreading it. But I should have known. The night sweats are back in force and I've been quite bitchy all week. Not to mention the short lived cleaning spurt. So why don't I keep chocolate in the house. I just can't say no. I even went so far as to bake a cake, although a lemon cake, in a failed attempt to feed my craving. While this sugary confection choice kept me from consuming an entire cake in two days, it has not curbed me from eating it.

I must confess I caved and bought myself a chocolate bar. But not just any chocolate, I bought Godiva milk chocolate. I know most people prefer dark chocolate, and it's supposed to be better for you, but I love milk chocolate. Under normal circumstances, I may have eaten the thing quickly. However, I had to hide eating it from Cookie, not because I didn't want her having chocolate, because I didn't want to share. Thank heavens for the chocolate at the checkout stand at Kohl's...otherwise I was a little afraid I was going to turn to the baking chocolate.

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  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And any mom can tell you she has secretly hidden chocolate from her children. ;)