Monday, July 27, 2009

#1 toilet paper changer

Have you ever had the feeling that you alone are the only person that changes the toilet paper roll? I get that feeling all the time. We have four bathrooms in our house and I once changed the roll in all four in one day. All FOUR were empty. While there are only two of us who really use the T.P. or can actually change it. Hubby just doesn't. He will leave the roll completely empty. Or my favorite, on little itty bitty piece so he can claim there was some left on it. He uses T.P. once maybe twice a day, being a guy, so when it is out, I just don't think he thinks to change it. In the great scheme of things, his failure to change the roll is nothing but a mild inconvenience. I've just learned to keep my bathrooms well stocked with T.P. that is in easy reach to change while sitting on the toilet.

But there are times that I think I am the lone T.P. changer where ever I go. The doctor's office, a friends house, a department store, I have changed the roll more times than I can count. Maybe I am a little anal retentive when it comes to making sure the T.P. is actually on the roll and not just sitting on top of the T.P. dispenser. Really though, it's about sanitary conditions. Who wants to use a loose roll of T.P. knowing that it has been possible that it has been rolling around on some public restroom's floor. Yuk! So for those of you who are lazy T.P. people, take the extra minute and put the stupid roll in the dispenser for cleaner bottoms everywhere. Or just my sanity.

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  1. Did you mean to use the phrase "anal retentive" as a play on words...or did it just "come out" that way? LOL
    I understand your plight. I will add my best tip for those blessed with little boys who will not lift the seat since you brought up an issue close to the potty.
    I took scrap book stickers and on the underside of the ring spelled out "Good job Ryan" around the top and "Flush" on the bottom. I put tape over them so I can keep it clean. I was hoping positive reward would work so as he goes in there I can yell, "Good job Ryan" instead of, "don't forget to lift the seat". Next thing you know, the precious sound of the ring being rang against the toilet is heard and a little voice calls out... "Good job Ryan!!" He still doesn't flush, but the rest of us don't have wet behinds and there is an overall decrease in yelling as a result.