Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've been outsmarted by my 2 year old

Cookie has nightmares. Mostly when she is sick or after shots, but sometimes she will have a bout of them. Night after night of waking and screaming. So as any mother might do, I turned to my mom for advice. She suggested that as I am putting Cookie to bed I tell her that under no circumstances is she to dream about dogs or cats, or whatever I think she would really love to dream about. Of course I followed her suggestion and had good results.

So what's the problem? Nothing really, it is now a game of course. Cookie says, "No dream about????" and I have to fill in the blank every night, and now sometimes throughout the day. As cute as this game is, I have discovered how devious my 2 year old is. For example last night, I said, "No dreaming about bikes." Cookie responded, "But I can dream about wheels and pedals." I kid you not. She was quite smug when she made this pronouncement. Hubby said he told her she couldn't dream about flowers. Cookie asked what color flowers. He said, "yellow". She responded, "I can dream about orange flowers and blue flowers."

While we find these responses creative and kinda cute.....we also think that this just a prelude to tough times ahead with this little girl. She already is so independent, willful, and kinda devious. Maybe she will be a lawyer who discovers loop holes in the law. Or maybe a white collar criminal who finds loop holes to break the law. As it is, at age 2, Cookie is finding loop holes in our play and in rules at home. "Don't stand on that table" can be interpreted literally, instead she will sit on it, "not standing on it" she will exclaim with a smile. I know that she knows that it is not okay to sit on it, but until I tell her not to, she will do it. I'm just glad hubby was just as devious, he usually can see the wheels in her head turning before I can. I just hope I can instill some honesty in this not so honest little person before I release her into the world. I definitely will not be that mom who tells the teacher, "My child would never lie."


  1. All kids push the limits and test things right? Monkey hasn't reached this stage but I can see her brain working through the idea of challenging me. It's coming I just know it.

  2. She is definately a smart Cookie!! It is cute, not to you but to me reading it. However me not living it, I could see how it might translate into NOT CUTE.
    P.S. Tell her to not dream about dancing dinosaurs, that could make for an interesting tale.