Monday, July 13, 2009

Power of Positive thinking

Once in a job review I was told I was too negative. I apparently always had a comment regarding something. Actually what it meant was that I questioned authority way too much. Whenever changes were made to policies I asked why the new way was better. Was it more efficient, did it save money, or was someone just making policy to prove they had purpose in the company? I guess the history major in me would not bow down to the corporate machine. I took this "constructive criticism" to heart and tried to be more positive. I actually found myself stumbling to be more upbeat and not complain or make "negative" sarcastic comments. The next staff meeting I met my first real positive challenge. We had a new V.P. of operations. I found myself muttering, "oh great what new changes does this lady have" and then remembered my review and tagged on, "she is sure to have some good ideas, being from such a larger company and having such an extensive background." I even managed to keep the sarcasm at bay. My manager actually commented on how my attitude was what she expected from everyone regarding the change.

Another time, my friend and I were traveling with Job's Daughters and were under the guidance of a woman who we did not necessarily like too much. We decided that we would try and be more like Pollyanna, "We'll gladly do it" became our mantra. Even when said woman decided that on the way home, after a long week-end of screaming girls, little sleep, and a 3 1/2 hour drive ahead that we would stop at her mother-in-laws and hour out of the way because it had a nice view of the the Sacramento River, we kept smiles on our faces and chanted "we'll be glad to go." And I think we had a better time because we refrained from that negativity that can bring you down.

This topic has been on my mind lately and it is a little ironic that there is a great article in Good Housekeeping this month about the power of positive thinking. You see, I am a miserable pregnant person. I tend to dwell on all of the uncomfortable things about pregnancy. The bloating, nausea, headaches, blah blah blah blah blah.....So as I near the end, I am trying to think about all of the kicks and bumps number two is giving me and find pleasure and joy in how amazing it all is. Really being able to create a life and carry a baby to term is amazing. Soon, we will have this living, breathing person, and they came from me! It is hard to not be negative when sleep is illusive, comfort is very little, and one's body is huge and tired. But, I will make an attempt, because I owe it to myself, my husband, and Cookie. And really 3 weeks is not that long, I want number two to be healthy and if that means she stays cooking in the oven for 4 more weeks, so be it. I'll gladly do it.


  1. You are doing a great job. I like your insight. I too have a nack for sarcasm and putting my 2 cents in. Hard to refrain indeed!! You are right in trying to be positive, the energy we put out into the universe generally comes back our way. Just because I can... here is one of the things I do when I am in a everything sucks place; I write a gratitude list from A to Z. How can any one not smile when you are busy being grateful for q-uilts,x-rays,y-arn, and z-ebras. Love Jen

  2. LOL! I almost forgot about that stop at the 'river' after Grand Bethel that year!! Hang in there. :-)

  3. I think it comes from the Roberts side of the family, yes?