Monday, July 6, 2009

Why I love my hubby, quirks and all

I will probably compose blog after blog about the things my hubby does that drives me nuts. Little things like not putting dirty clothes in the hamper, leaving a colony of dirty socks in the basement then asking me why he has no socks to wear, making a mess in the kitchen after it has been cleaned and scrubbed and I have gone to bed, starring at his bike like a love sick puppy when I am trying to get us out the door and going somewhere, or the toothbrush in the kitchen now because when I was sick he wanted to keep his brush "germ free."

Regardless of his little quirks and annoying habits, which I have learned to live with and have come to expect, he is a great husband and father.

First of all, hubby is a great provider. He takes on free lance work when I seem a little stressed over money and the credit card debt. (of course a lot of that is due to his love of bike riding and the need for "new" tires or other bike paraphenalia). But, he works really hard.

Second, he does little things for Cookie that I am not sure other dads can do or will do. He makes numerous batches of play dough until he gets it just right. (see pic of the mess he makes while making it though). He paints her a "kitty picture" for her room. He takes her for special bike rides to "purple park", just the two of them. He will cook her special noodles or rice. He plays with her like I can't...building great pyramids and objects out of blocks. Creates all kinds of neat things out of play dough. If she wants it, he can sculpt it.

Third, is really in tune to my feeling for the most part. He knows when I feel overwhelmed and is willing to pitch in. He didn't mock me for wanting to have a blog. (which I am sure inwardly he finds annoying because he finds all things like facebook and blogs lame). He accepts my family and loves them, I think more than his own.

He's very handy. Hubby can fix just about anything. He will help out the neighbors when they are in need. Not sure how we moved away from him being my families personal handy man to the neighbors'. The other day, our neighbor asked if he knew anything about ice makers. Like they expect him to fix it and take a look before they call someone. When we lived in Reseda, our building manager asked him if he "knew anything about telephones and intercom systems". Hubby didn't, but agreed to take a look anyway. He fixed the building's intercom system, and earned the gratitude of the manager. Weird foreign manager was less surly and polite. In fact when we moved, the manager overlooked some things because he was grateful for hubby's help giving us the full deposit back.

He's really smart. He knows things. Information about weird stuff, if there is something you want to know, just ask him and he probably can tell you. For example, 4th of July, "did you know that sparklers burn to almost 1100 degrees". Not sure where he gets this stuff, but he has a memory of an elephant. He never forgets. (which can be disturbing if you get on his bad side, he never plays fair). I may have a Master's degree and he may have just barely finished high school, but he is way smarter than me. I have to ask him how things work, why things are the way they are, and in general I defer to him in all things when it comes to making decisions about almost anything.

Lastly, hubby is really funny. He is quick witted, sarcastic, and makes me laugh. In fact that's one of the main reasons I fell in love with him. I think he is Seinfeld funny. Conversations and comments from him sometimes sound like lines from an episode. Yet, sometimes his humor can be hurtful. He holds nothing back and I have seen him bring people almost to tears and not the good kind. He can find humor at the expense of others. Good thing he keeps these harsh barbs aimed at others and not me. But for the most part his humor is just plain funny.

After 14 years together, I still love the guy. I may bitch about him to my friends and family a lot, but really that's just blowing off steam. From the moment I met him I knew he was "the one". Really I had love at first sight. For those who don't know, I met hubby in high school. I think the '94 earthquake in a way helped us get together. We were stuck in a Video Production class, which neither of us wanted to be in, and were bored stiff. Since all the equipment was at our high school and we were now taking classes at the rival high school, there was nothing to do but talk or read. My anti-social husband chose the later in order to avoid any kind of personal contact with anyone. Of course, this made me feel sorry for him. I made the first move, noticing he was reading a book I had read. And the rest as they say is history. He never had a chance.

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