Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heathy Eating

Ever since I joined weight watchers....ohh about 8 years ago, I have tried to live and eat healthy. Stocking my pantry and fridge with healthy choices instead of all of those tempting, empty calorie, fattening ones is a must. I have no will power when it comes to chocolate, ice cream, or chips. So, I try not to buy them. But, when you live with someone else, sometimes the best laid plans get thrown out the door.

Not only do I try and buy the "right" foods, but I try and stick to a budget. However, hubby has a habit of setting up road blocks and stiff arms that make this an uphill battle. I will announce that Cookie and I are heading out to the market, "anything you want or need." Usually hubby can't think of anything, sometimes he has a request like frozen burritos or dinners to eat for lunch, since he doesn't always like my lunch solution of a sandwich and fruit. These little requests are easy for me to comply with, as I really don't enjoy either. (in fact when prego, frozen dinner smells make me especially nauseous).

However, every once in a while hubby will proclaim that he would like to go, too. These family trips to the market are a budget and calorie killer for me. Not only does hubby shop with his eyes and empty stomach, he wants to buy all kinds of things I hate having in the house. Bags of chips, ice cream (the good stuff not the cheap store brand), soft drinks, cookies, trail mix, nuts, and candy. While my hubby's once a month binge usually just tests my will power, there is a new phenomenon occurring. Cookie now has an opinion in regards to the food she wants and enjoys. She has recently discovered, thanks to daddy, the joys of chips, french fries, chocolate, Popsicles, candy, and ice cream.

I am by no means a mom who says absolutely no to sweets, at least anymore. Up until Cookie was about 18 months I was really able to avoid giving her those "bad" foods. But one day, Cookie noticed what we were eating and wanted some too. I knew I was in trouble when hubby begged me to go through he drive through at some fast food place to get "something" and Cookie announced she wanted french fries.

The good news is that I still control what she eats. The bad news is, I can't control what and when hubby decides he wants a "snack". Take for instance today, Cookie and I had made cupcakes together. She likes to help and asked if we could bake a cake. So, I complied, chocolate cake sounded good to me...but in cupcake form for portion control. (yes, I use these little tactics to keep portions down). Not only did Cookie eat one, but we had some friends come over to play later, and after lunch kids got cupcakes, so Cookie got to eat two. This indulgence is fine on occasion, and I felt okay letting her share with her friends.

After nap, Cookie declared that she of course would like another cupcake. As I am telling her no, she may not have any more sweets and some strawberries or a banana was more appropriate for an afternoon snack, hubby is dishing out a bowl full of ice cream for himself. While hubby is an adult and entitled to eat any amount of "bad" food he wants, I just want him to show Cookie healthy eating habits. If I indulge in ice cream or chips, I usually wait until Cookie is napping or in bed for the night. Needless to say a lovely argument ensued over my ugly look at him, and his over the top response to said nasty look.

Maybe I was cranky and tired, maybe he was itching for a matter, but how do I convince hubby to eat healthier in front of the kids? I've asked, but really other than eating in the pantry or sneaking food into the basement when they're not looking, I don't foresee hubby complying to my request. Anyone else with this problem?


  1. I feel your pain!! Jim can eat anything he wants and is not a planner! Need I say more? I think not.

  2. Luke and I are pretty good it is our parents that are the bad influences on Monkey. They always want to be the fun, ones that give her the fun food ugh!